Actress Michelle Collins Becomes a PEDS Patron


We are delighted to announce that the actress Michelle Collins has agreed to be a Patron of our charity and feel she is an inspiration to many of our service users / recovered individuals, given she herself has first hand experience of living with an eating disorder and has gone on to achieve so much.

She has also written a book, “This Is Me” which explains more about her journey and how much she has overcome.

More About Michelle Collins

thisismeMichelle Collins has played iconic roles in the two most watched soap operas on British television. In the 1990s she played the backstabbing blonde, Cindy Beale, in EastEnders, and in 2011 she joined the cast of Coronation Street and now plays much-loved Rovers Return landlady, Stella Price.

But what about the rest? Much of Michelle’s remarkable story has never been told before. From growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in North London with her sister and their young single mother to Michelle’s quest for success as she fought her way through some difficult and painful times.

In her book Michelle reveals her first foray into the music business; her tempestuous relationships and the truth behind the tabloid stories. Through it all, Michelle’s book is ultimately a celebration of her talent, resilience, and so much more.

It is the open, frank, funny, and sometimes shocking story of a proud, working single mum, who has led an extraordinary life and who has never been afraid of fighting for what she wants.