Charities Commission Approves PEDS Name Change

We have officially changed the name of our charity from Peterborough Eating Disorder Charity to Personalised Eating Disorder Support (PEDS).

The change has been approved by the UK Charities Commission and our Registered Charity Number will stay the same: 1156578

The reasoning behind the name change is quite straight forward. More and more of our referrals are from outside the immediate area around Peterborough. whilst we are based in Peterborough, we are also receiving referrals from other areas.

We did not want it to appear that we were limiting our help to only those in the Peterborough area who needed it. We want to help – wherever you are.

A essential element of our name change is our move to a new website url:


Help via Skype

We have been working with a number of service users recently who haven’t always had the help they need local to home so have introduced the option of contact via Skype.

This can often be the first steps to somebody reaching out for help if either they are unable to travel, they are anxious or it is just too far initially.

To find out more, please get in touch. Wherever you are, whoever you are, there is always help.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step” (Lao Tzu)

PEDS Plans A Retreat to the Pyrenees!


We are excited to announce that we are currently in the process of organising a recovery retreat for people with Eating Disorders. We will be facilitating this in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains in the South of France.

The idea behind it is to help people see that there is more to life than the Eating Disorder, help develop strategies for coping, devise an individual plan for coming home and provide an opportunity for reflection. It will be both an exciting and challenging week where we will all be “Eating to Live” as opposed to “Living to Eat”.

There will be groups, 1:1 support, walks in the mountains, relaxation by the waterfalls and meals will be planned in advance to reduce anxieties (via individualised agreed meal plans). People attending will need to be medically stable and we are looking at hosting this in June 2017 so it can also be a motivator for many.

For more information, please contact us either by telephone or email or using the online form and we will get in touch.

We need help to raise a fund for sufferers in financial hardship so that this can be open to all. If you can help in any way, please contact us.

PEDS Annual Report

The Annual Report and Accounts, as lodged with the Charities Commission, for the period 8 April 2014 – 31 March 2015, is available as a PDF. Click Here to Download.

Alternatively, you may view it on the Charities Commission website: Click Here

Private Sessions

“Find a Friend and Fight the Enemy”

Peterborough Eating Disorder Charity provides an assessment, advice and signposting service free of charge, accessible to all. It is run by volunteers and currently receives no funding. However, there is the option of individual and family private sessions (training can also be provided to professionals).

Sessions are facilitated by a Mental Health and Paediatric Nurse who have more than 15 years’ experience working in Eating Disorders. This includes working with both Children and Adults in the NHS and Private Inpatient Specialist Units, Community Mental Health Teams, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and the Voluntary Sector.

You can download a PDF version of this news post – with contact details – for onward distribution. Click Here.

Peterborough Eating Disorders charity hopes to help people with food battles

Sue Rattle and Mandy Scott, co-founders of PEDS with (centre) Leonie McCarthy (CEO of PCVS) at Lincoln Court – for feature on eating disorders EMN-150606-002125009

rut_stam_mercA new charity that helps people with eating disorders from Lincolnshire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire and beyond has set itself an ambitious target of creating a respite centre.

Peterborough Eating Disorders, or Peds, was formed by Mandy Scott and Sue Rattle two years ago. They registered as a charity last year and have given up nursing careers to concentrate on helping people with all types of eating disorder.

But at the moment they can only see people for an hour or two at a time, which is less than ideal. They hope to create a respite centre with the help of businesses and organisations across the area to help them help others.

Sue said: “People get thoughts about food and their body shape 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t stop.

“They have it every moment of every day. People are battling.

“The thoughts are the last thing to go during the recovery.

“We have to get the families to understand as well. Some people don’t get it, and it’s very hard.”

Mandy added: “The idea of a respite centre is to get the person back on track, but also to give the families a break because they are often at breaking point.”

Both Mandy and Sue have a background dealing with people with eating disorders. They were disappointed with the support available for such people, so decided to set up the charity.

They now work with schools and GPs to offer that support, and have helped people across a wide area around Peterborough. They have also secured actress Michelle Collins, who battled anorexia and bulimia, as a patron.

“The services for eating disorders are really limited nationally,” said Mandy. “We get people coming from all over.

“We also have a focus on helping someone to manage their symptoms outside hospital. We’ve had a maximum of six people go to hospital out of about 100 referrals.”

The charity also works to educate people about the different types of eating disorder that can affect them. Increasing numbers of boys and young men are being diagnosed.

Mandy said: “There is a big focus on being fit. The idea is the more you build your physique the more you achieve in life.

“More is known about supplements that you can take to change your physique. They are a lot more accessible but people take it too far.”

The charity’s ultimate aim is to create the respite centre. But in the short term they want to raise £10,000 to set up an office base, where they can see service users for longer periods. Currently Mandy and Sue are limited to appointments of one hour a week,but people often need longer and more regular sessions.

Mandy and Sue are appealing to businesses, individuals and organisations who might be able to help to come forward and speak to them.

“If we had a centre we could bring people in,” said Mandy. The aim is to keep people out of hospital.

“We need to get the ball rolling. Any ideas from people are welcome.

“We have to take a massive leap of faith. To do this properly we have got to put everything into it.”

The charity works closely with the Peterborough Council For Voluntary Service.

Chief executive officer Leonie McCarthy said: “I cannot commend Mandy and Sue enough for the wonderful work they do for some of Peterborough’s most vulnerable citizens.

“This week is National Volunteers Week and for me Peds epitomises the amazing contribution that individuals are making through giving up their time for no cost or glory but purely to help others in need. They inspire us all and remind us of how many special people we have volunteering and caring in our city.”

If you would like to get involved with Peds and offer time, money or advice, call 01733 391537 or e-mail For more about the charity and how it can support you, visit

Read the article on the Rutland & Stamford Mercury website: click here