PEDS have been a truly amazing and supportive pair over what me and my family can only describe as a desperate time in our lives. Having seen our bubbly happy outgoing niece/granddaughter succumb to the grips of anorexia and having no place to turn and feel like we could not help her in way shape or form, we eventually found the help, support and guidance of these amazing people.

I personally can only sum up the service as our family’s angels as without them I cannot bear to think where my niece would be now. Thank you both so very, very much. PEDS is an amazing service which deserves all the thanks and praise we can give. The support and advice is always there when needed for both the individual and their family’s which is hugely appreciated. Name withheld

I was hospitalised with anorexia for almost a year in 2009. Since being discharged I’ve gone on to do many of the things I’d always dreamed of (university, jobs, friends, etc.) but the eating disorder has always been there too, continuing to have an impact on me and ultimately stopping me from really living my life to the full.

With the help of PEDS I am now feeling determined about beating the eating disorder once and for all in 2015. Staff at PEDS are an ideal combination of warmth, firmness and expertise. Because of their nursing backgrounds they can tell you all the necessary medical facts, but they don’t just treat you like a ‘patient’.

They genuinely care about you and will always go out of their way to support you. This could mean anything from keeping you motivated with texts during the week to talking to your family. Fighting an eating disorder in the community is hard, especially as it seems that GPs that really understand eating disorders are hard to come by. PEDS provides much needed professional support, where there isn’t currently enough, for people fighting an eating disorder in the community.Name withheld

My daughter and I are incredibly grateful to PEDS for the selfless work they do for people with mental health problems and eating disorders. We are so pleased they were recommended to us by CAMHS 18 months ago. They have provided us as a family, and our daughter solely, with so much help, support and information.

Due to PEDS help, our daughter is much happier, has a much healthier relationship with food and is finding herself again. The hopelessness has now changed to positivity. The shame to acceptance. Recovery is top of her list now and that is all thanks to these wonderful people.Name withheld